Dear fellow stitchers,

I had a wonderful time at TNNA in beautiful San Diego last month. Because of my performance schedule I had never before been able to attend, and I was like a kid in a candy store.

I enjoyed meeting designers whose canvases I have enjoyed stitching and perusing new options in fibers. I especially enjoyed meeting shop owners whose clients are stitching my canvases and found out that there is a group in San Angelo stitching the St.Nicholases. I would love to go and meet them!

My mother and I had stitched a Boston Red Sox Christmas stocking (my design) for our granddaughter/niece Erin using Planet Earth fibers and I was delighted to learn that the Planet Earth owners are Red Sox fans. It was fun to show them a photo of the stocking showcasing their beautiful green, red, and white silks.

Go Sox!

Santa is at the plate.The green monster (back green wall at Fenway) shows a full count of three balls and two strikes and Santa, # 25, is pointing to the bleachers where he will hit a home run. Elves are running around the outfield like mad with their gloves up trying to anticipate him. In the lower right corner, a Boston Terrier fetches the baseball.

All of the TNNA booths are visual eye candy. Here is a photo of the women who work so diligently to create the Needlepoint Now magazine. From left to right: Ada Haydon, Carol Finsand, Elizabeth Bozievich (editor) and Vicky De Angelis. I am so happy to have my work represented in such a lovingly crafted publication.

I arrived at the convention center with my three St.Nicholas stand-ups. It is the first time they have all been displayed together since they were finished. A big thank you to Southwest Airlines for their free baggage check!

The photo’s a bit blurry, but you can see the saints and my hanging valentines above. The St. Nicholas canvases measure 9″ by 22″on 18 ct. canvas, and from left to right they are Snow, Byzantine, and Holly.

All best, and as always, happy stitching! Joan

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  1. Dear Joan,
    What a wonderful success story! Thank you for sharing your joy of stitching and adventures. Cheers to many more Santas!

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