Texas Boots

Texas Boots made its debut at Destination Dallas in September. As you can see in the photo, I am having fun stitching it. I am using Memory Thread and Alpaca and Rainbow Linen and Neon Rays and all kind of fibers to vary the textures.

Each boot features different aspects of life in Texas, from a horny toad to the Alamo to the yellow rose, bluebonnets, mockingbird, longhorn steer and armadillo. There is even a scorpion tail coming out of the top of the “A” boot. As a child, even here in Houston, I learned to always shake out boots and shoes that had overnighted in the garage, just in case a scorpion had spent the night there.

I had fun designing different boot patterns, resulting in feminine “T” and “A” boots and rougher work boots such as “E”.

The canvas measures approx. 20″ x 12″ on 18 count.

The border “frame” is a double brick stitch of Glazed Ginger Vineyard Silk interwoven with Silk Lame’ Braid. Just inside this frame will be barbed wire surrounding the boots.

Have a great day, your Texas stitchin’ friend, Joan



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    • Dear Josie,
      I am sorry I am just now seeing your comment.Texas Boots is available. My distributor is Dream House Ventures,Inc. Just have your local needlepoint shop call them to place an order. For further info, just click on “Where to buy” on the blog header. I have had a lot of fun stitching it and am working on a stitch guide if you are interested. All best,Joan

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