Spring Cleaning

I know the Yankees and Tigers were playing in snow last night in Detroit, but it is full spring here in Houston. Our variegated peppermint peach tree (below) was spectacular a few weeks ago and all the amaryllises and roses are in full bloom today.

Peach tree 2 Spring 2015Today I am holding the annual “sorting” of the threads. With at least half a dozen projects going at once, I don’t always keep up with putting away left over fiber. Sorting by color works best for me.

You can see the trio of Melissa Shirley dragonflies in the background. They are just on the verge of being finished and I have had a great time stitching them.

dragonfliesJPGIt is hard to see the doorstop way in the back, so I will show a close up. I love it. It is a Susan Roberts design on 13 ct. If there is a lion involved, I am in. Carolyn Baird suggested the interesting bargello-type blue background. It fits him perfectly, and makes him seem a part of Renaissance Italy, which is the part of the world where I fell in love with lions, statue-wise that is.

Whatever latitude you live in, I wish you a happy spring when it arrives, and as always, happy stitching! Joan


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    • Hi Monica,

      I will finish them as a trio in a long pillow to grace the bench by my front door. Hopefully I will finish the stitching this summer!
      All best,

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