My last post showed one of my first designs, and this shows one of my latest.

I have several Noël canvases, one surrounded by holly, and this one decorated with mistletoe. I think this canvas has an antique feel, like a Christmas card from a hundred years ago. I am having fun trying different stitches and fibers.

On 18 count canvas it measures 11″ x 5 1/2″. It would make a beautiful pillow, but I may finish it as a door hanger.

For the “frame” outside the red sections I am laying Ribbon Floss Shimmer Blend. This photo shows how I am mitering it on the corners and couching Coronet Braid around the red sections. I will be adding beads, probably red twist bugles, on the red dots at the points just outside all of the red sections.

Above you see a close up of the background of the center section around Noël. Here again, the shimmer blend is used for the eyelet stitches. Crystal white beads are stitched on top of the eyelets and I will be adding Pebbly Perle to fill in around the eyelets. I’ll also stitch crosses with Accentuate on the intersections between the eyelets.

Above you see the mistletoe. I decided to bead the berries and was lucky to find the perfect color beads. At first I stitched the leaves, then ripped out and started over because I wanted to try beads for them also. The berries are stitched as you would basketweave, but the leaves are stitched as you would a brick stitch.

On the right, and going up and around the corner, you see the horizontal and vertical stitches of Petite Sparkle Rays. If Rainbow Gallery is having to make more of PS21 it is probably because I use so much of it! It is one of my very favorites.

I think this will be a very elegant piece, and I love the sparkle of the fibers that are reminiscent of the glint of sun on snow.

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