Chocolate Kisses

Baci di Cioccolata (bah-chee dee chee-oh-co-lah-tah)

This is my first cone, and since I love the Italian language and chocolate kisses, I decided to combine the two to design a cone that can be filled with chocolate kisses for Valentine’s Day – you can even find them with pink foil wrappers.

There are lips in shades of coffee and chocolate, pink and magenta. This piece is finished rather dramatically – you may prefer a simple hanging cord.

The lips turned out great in satin-stitched Petite Very Velvet, and as I’m fond of stitching spiders of all kinds, this was a very fun canvas. I learned how to cover plastic rings, and fill them with beads. The woven stitch for the pale pink background reminds me of waffle cones.

The finishing includes chocolat ribbon. I enjoy chocolate in any language.

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