Hello fellow stitchers,

I am writing this blog to connect with other stitchers who love needlepoint and to share photos of my designs that have been stitched. My first canvases for fiori were hanging valentines — simple designs brought to life with elegant stitching and beading.

I am inspired by many things and my canvases are constantly changing.


One canvas may reflect my interest in the mosaics of Ravenna, Italy,

another will recall a childhood letter to Santa Claus,

another will be a turquoise heart inspired by the culture of Santa Fe,

and still another will be a red, white and blue patriotic cupcake with sparklers to celebrate American Independence Day.

 If you have stitched a fiori canvas, please e-mail me a photo — I would love to see your selection of stitches and fibers and hope to begin a gallery of stitched canvases on this site.

Happy stitching!                                                                                                                  Joan Eidman                                                                                                                        fiori needlepoint design

August 6, 2012

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