Imari Dragon Fan

Dear fellow stitchers,

Isn’t it wonderful to finish a project? At long last the Imari Dragon Fan Ornament that is the companion piece to the Imari Love Birds is complete. I beaded a handle and will have it finished as a hanging ornament, with a long gold tassel on the bottom.

imari dragon fanI was indecisive about the gold outline around the dragon, couldn’t decide whether to bead it or couch a thread.

My friend Peggy suggested Coronet Braid. I always have a lot of gold on hand, and chose the bright gold 162B. I think it looks great.


I believe the canvas in the fiori line at Dream House Ventures has gold behind the dragon, rather than white, which is a variation I made for myself. I will look forward to hanging it on my tree next year, or maybe it will be a daily companion as the Imari Love Bird paperweight is.

Happy stitching!



Imari Birds Paperweight

Imari Birds Paperweight

Beads for Byzantine St. Nicholas

I have been having a fun correspondence with a stitcher in Kansas who is completing the Byzantine St. Nicholas. It turns out we are both musicians and both like to stitch like crazy.


He contacted me because he was having trouble finding the beads for the crozier mentioned in the stitch guide. I was able to send him what he needed from my stash and I am happy to do the same for anyone else having a similar need.

Just contact me and I will be happy to send along the Delica Silver Gold Luster seen above.

Have a wonderful day, Joan