It’s Love Time

I love spending time with my nieces and nephews. When they were little, they played a terrific game — out of the blue they would all yell, “It’s love time!”, converge from different parts of the house, run and pounce on me until we were all in a tangle and kiss me and hug me with tremendous exuberance.

Hence, this canvas. The time approaches twelve… perhaps it is Valentine’s Eve.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love Christmas cacti. They adorn my kitchen window sills. This fuchsia beauty in its Portmeirion pot was given to me by my Secret Santa during The Nutcracker some years ago and gets bigger every year.

This year it proudly displays some of my hearts and they are all wishing you a very happy Valentine’s  day.

Happy stitching! Joan

Farm Animal Pull Toy

I had fun stitching the pull toy in my new Victoriana line, one of 6 toys in the collection. I will finish it as an ornament with gold trim, but it could also be an inset in a Christmas cracker. It measures approx. 6 1/4 ” by 3″ on 18 count canvas.

I filled my needle with Burmilana and Wisper to French knot the sheep. He is really fat! The rooster has Ribbon Floss Shimmer Blend for feathers and tail, and the horse’s white and gray coat and mane is stitched with Vineyard Silk.

The gold border at the top, a common element on all the Victoriana canvases, is long stitches of Kreinik 1/16″ ribbons. It is reminiscent of the scallop decoration on Victoria and Albert’s wedding cake.

Happy stitching ! Joan