Bonbons is another vehicle for candy. It is my first three-sided piece — front, back and gusset.The finishing is especially fun. More of the chocolat ribbon, and “chocolate candies” nestled in the bows.

I had fun with the Rhodes stitch on the gusset diamonds, and with different laid fillings for the argyle pattern on the back.

Chocolate Kisses

Baci di Cioccolata (bah-chee dee chee-oh-co-lah-tah)

This is my first cone, and since I love the Italian language and chocolate kisses, I decided to combine the two to design a cone that can be filled with chocolate kisses for Valentine’s Day – you can even find them with pink foil wrappers.

There are lips in shades of coffee and chocolate, pink and magenta. This piece is finished rather dramatically – you may prefer a simple hanging cord.

The lips turned out great in satin-stitched Petite Very Velvet, and as I’m fond of stitching spiders of all kinds, this was a very fun canvas. I learned how to cover plastic rings, and fill them with beads. The woven stitch for the pale pink background reminds me of waffle cones.

The finishing includes chocolat ribbon. I enjoy chocolate in any language.

Fans and Letters

There are quite a few valentines in the fiori line.

This fan is quite sparkly, stitched with Fyre Werks silver fiber. The magenta hearts are filled in with simple laid patterns, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. A finishing touch is the silver heart button placed at the center bottom.

This letter sealed with a kiss is the smallest in the collection. On 18 count,  It measures only 2 3/4 x 3 3/4″. The ribbon and button finishing really set it off.

When my nieces and nephews were little, one of them would start grinning and shout “It’s love time!” Then they would all shout it and we would all pile on top of each other and hug and kiss furiously. Thus, this canvas.

Originally the letters were in a a clockwise direction, so that when the sentence ended it would be midnight, a time for a New Year’s Eve kiss, but everyone had difficulty reading it. So, now the letters go counterclockwise.

I especially like the palette of pale pink, magenta and black. The hearts and arrow are stitched in Petite Very Velvet.



Box of Candy

Although this canvas is finished as a hanging valentine, I envisioned it as a fun lid for a box of candy. I tried to make it look like a nostalgic candy box top with its big red ribbon.

Using DMC Color Infusion Memory Thread for the first time, I was able to achieve the scalloped edge of the heart. I think the magenta Charleston adds a lot of dimension and pizzazz to the spiders.